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18 Mar 2015

Sunreef 74 Completes Delivery to Florida

yacht,71,sunreef74wildberry-exterior-03Wildberry, the first Sunreef 74 completes delivery to Florida. She arrived yesterday in Ft Lauderdale to complete its 6000 nm delivery from the yard in Poland.
During the 42 day voyage there were planned stopovers in France and Madeira. At each stage the captain created technical reports which gave valuable feedback to the builders.


The builders, the brokers and most importantly, the Owner were able to follow progress of the delivery via a secure dedicated webpage created by Reliance Yacht Management that gave live updates, positions, speed, weather charts and reports from the captain and shore based support.
On arrival and handover in the Florida the Owner’s representative made the comment, “The boat looks good, everyone has done a great job.”

The Owner later said

Nick, we were on the boat yesterday and it looks great. Your delivery crew did a great job of taking care of it. Captain N is a first class delivery captain and I’d highly recommend him to anyone for a delivery. I was especially pleased to see that you took care of the boat as if it was his own and would deliberately slow his delivery time to avoid pushing the boat more than it should be.
The thoroughness of his delivery report with the “squawks” of what is broken or may warrant attention, including potential improvements, was exactly what I was hoping for.
Nick, if you every need a recommendation for your company or this particular delivery crew; I’d be happy to provide one.

16 Mar 2015

Marine Finance Company Calls Reliance Yacht Management for Help

Marine Finance Company needed a solution to locate a yacht, make it  seaworthy and deliver it to a broker for sale.

Following on from previous successful repossessions in Europe for a major international bank, Reliance Yacht management was approached by a small specialist marine lender in the UK.

They required a yacht to be located and secured in the Isle of Man and then returned to mainland UK to be sold. The yacht had had alterations made to it, and had not moved for some time. There were questions over it seaworthiness for the voyage.

Reliance Yacht Management were able to put together a package that suited exactly what the finance company required.  They were able to identify and confirm the yacht’s location and liaise with port authority and harbour master to determine all outstanding marina fees had been settled. They also contacted the previous owner to gain his cooperation and obtain technical history.

A team of two were sent to the yacht to make an initial inspection and asses what will be required to relocate her. This was reduced to one to save costs, when it became clear there would delays and that considerable work was required to prepare for a passage. The yacht had not been maintained. Eletrics, engine and running rig needed attention. The Captain and Reliance head office sourced the necessary skills and parts required to get systems to a safe standard.  When done, new crew were dispatched and a short test sail was completed. All being well they departed and headed south. The yacht arrived in Milford Haven and is now listed with a major broker there for sale.

Asset Recovery is a service of Reliance Yacht Management. They offer a complete range of marine recovery services, including discovery, repair, relocation and re marketing. We are experienced and able to perform international recovery through our network of agents and captains Woldwide.

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16 Mar 2015

Lagoon 400 to Croatia – highly admirable. Hats off.

Baotic Lagoon 400Lagoon 400 Les Sables to Croatia









Just wanted to let You all know that the handover of the Lagoon 400S2 „Emma“ was done today.

Everything is fine with  the boat.

Mr. T is very good, professional and responsible captain and it was pleasure working with him.

The state he brought the boat to seget is highly admirable. Hats off.

Srdačan Pozdrav / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind Regards



05 Mar 2015

Leopard Catamaran Remains Missing

Leopard Catamaran Remains Missing

Statement on behalf of:

Jeremy Savage
Philippa Savage
Lisa Green Trevor
Payne Storme Robertson
Jared Robertson

On December 14th, the catamaran, Sunsail RC044-978 set out from Cape Town harbour on a delivery trip to Phuket, Thailand. The delivery was on behalf of Tui Marine, a leader in the world maritime leisure business based in Florida, USA, with representatives in Cape Town.

On board is Anthony Murray (58), the brother of Jeremy and Philippa Savage and the skipper of the yacht. Anthony has over 25 years experience at sea, including multiple catamaran/yacht deliveries to destinations including Abu Dhabi, China, Austria, the Caribbean, the USA and more.

Also on board is Reginald Robertson (59), a member of the Royal Natal Yacht Club and another experienced yachtsman, as well as Jaryd Payne (20).

Communication from the yacht via an Iridium satellite phone was regular from the date of departure. This included regular texts from Jaryd to his mother in Cape Town and his father, as well as regular texts from Reginald to his girlfriend in Durban and children Storme and Jared who both now live in the UK. Intermittent texts were sent by Anthony to Philippa in Durban, Jeremy in Johannesburg and a friend in Cape Town. The last communication from the yacht on the satellite phone to family and friends was on January 18th.

Anthony also reported in regularly to Tui Marine’s representative in Cape Town. These reports were on December 17th, December 29th, January 7th and January 15th. The last reported position on January 15th was 29′ 55 S, 080′ 47 E with 2010 nm to go. The date of arrival estimated by the Anthony on that date was February 2nd.

On February 12th, the family of Anthony Murray reported his catamaran as overdue to the Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (MRCC) in Cape Town. The MRCC took the family’s concern seriously and was able to get details of the catamaran from Tui Marine’s representative in Cape Town. On February 12th an “all ships broadcast”, seeking sightings reports, was activated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). MRCC Cape Town informed Anthony Murray’s family that the broadcast was also going out in the maritime safety areas of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

In the nearly three weeks since then, the families have been in regular communication with each other to work towards establishing the whereabouts and safety of the yacht and her crew.

They have been joined in this by Matthew Thomas, an experienced yachtsman, who was the search and rescue co-ordinator of the civilian search for Moquini, a yacht that went missing during the 2005 Mauritius to Durban yacht race. Matthew is now acting as advisor to the families as well as to Tui Marine, which is also working with the families to locate the yacht. On February 6th, Tui Marine made contact with Iridium Satellite Phone Communications to establish if any outgoing attempts at communication had been made on the phone.

Following the broadcast sent out on February 12th, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has been in communication with the South African MRCC. The family understands that from February 20th an urgent (every 12 hours) alert has been going out via Maritime Safety Authorities in Australia (including used Zealand), South Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand. Tui Marine has also made contact with the US NAVY 7th Fleet (which is currently in the region) to see whether it can assist and is in contact with authorities in Reunion, Sri Lanka and Sumatra.

It should be noted that the EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) has not been deployed as at March 1st 2015. Should the EPIRB be activated, Search and Rescue will begin immediately (although the exact nature of a SAR is dependent on the resources available in the area at the time). The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has informed the families that it responds to circumstances as they present themselves and that officers in its Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) are not constrained by the setting off of the EPIRB only. It has further stated that the urgent broadcast to shipping will remain until March 31st, when it will be re-evaluated. The families of Anthony Murray, Reg Robertson and Jaryd Payne believe that, even without the activation of the EPIRB, there is real cause for concern given:

* The last communication with Moorings satellite phone was January 18th. Iridium has confirmed that the details of this call as – Date/Time: 2015-01-18 @ 11:11:03 ; Lat: -26.2999 Long: 80.0014 Area: Mid-Indian Ridge Region: Int’l Waters Approximately 2190mi NNW of Perth, Australia * The Iridium Satellite Phone Communications company (based in the USA) has confirmed that there has been no outgoing activity on the phone since January 18th.

*The yacht was in the vicinity of Tropical Cyclone Bansi – this was indicated in a message from Reg on January 10th. Although the yacht did move south away from the cyclone, we have no confirmation that the catamaran was not damaged as a result of this.

* The estimated date of arrival of February 2nd is a month ago. In consultation with Matthew Thomas as well as another skipper who made a delivery for Tui Marine on the Cape Town to Thailand trip ahead of Anthony and his crew, this ETA was moved to between February 12th and February 27th.

* The yacht was officially carrying enough supplies for 65 days.

* The yacht has now been at sea for 79 days.

The families now believe that increased awareness of the yachts’ missing status is a necessity. Tui Marine is currently making approaches to a number of companies for a satellite facilitated online search party. The families support this move and would be grateful for any assistance from the public, private companies, government bodies and institutions to establish the safety and whereabouts of Anthony and his crew.

The concern for an overdue boat has now turned into real fear that Anthony Murray, Reg Robertson and Jaryd Payne are in need of rescuing.

Contact * Philippa Savage – Anthony Murray’s sister – Durban cell: 27-82-7896664

05 Mar 2015

Location Location or Re Location

Location, Location or Re location

When looking to buy or sell real estate, the words Location, Location, Location are so often associated the marketing and valuation. But how does that relate to yachts where their location can be so easily changed? How does location affect the sale of a yacht?

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04 Mar 2015

Join Hunt for Missing Yacht Online

Source SAPA

2015-03-04 15:54

 The public can help search for a missing South African catamaran crew through an online tool, their families said on Wednesday.

Anthony Murray crew

The families fear for the yachtsmen’s safety, as they last made contact via satellite phone on 18 January and missed their estimated date of arrival.The catamaran, Sunsail RC044-978 set out from Cape Town for a delivery trip to Phucket, Thailand, on 14 December. The delivery was for US-based world maritime leisure business Tui Marine.”The current ‘Lost Catamaran & Crew At Sea’ enables people all over the world to search satellite images that are loaded by Tomnod for this specific campaign,” the families said in a joint statement.The aim of the campaign is to search for the Leopard 44 catamaran that was being delivered to Phuket, Thailand, by Anthony Murray, Reg Robertson and Jaryd Payne.

On the Tomnod website, people are asked to tag objects as either ship or boat, life raft or “other” in images.

Tomnod is run by commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe.

“The crowd sourcing theory operates on the belief that untrained observers who pick the same target can be as accurate as an expert.

“Anyone with access to a computer and the internet can join the online search party.”

On 12 February, Murray’s family reported to the maritime rescue co-ordination centre (MRCC) in Cape Town that the catamaran was overdue after it missed its expected arrival date 10 days before.

The yacht’s emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) had not been activated.

If a signal from the EPIRB is detected then search and rescue will be activated, the extent of which is dependent on resources available in the area at the time.

The Australian maritime safety authority issued an urgent broadcast to shipping about the missing yacht, which remains in place until the end of the month when it will be reviewed.

Skipper Murray, aged 58, has over 25 years’ experience at sea, including multiple international catamaran and yacht deliveries.

Robertson, aged 59, is also an experienced yachtsman and a member of the Royal Natal Yacht Club. Payne is 20 years old.


04 Mar 2015

Lagoon 39 Best Delivery Crew Ever

Lagoon 39 delivered from Ft Lauderdale to British Virgin Islands







Best Delivery Crew Ever. Theses guys stay on the boat for few days and clean the boat, topside and even did the stainless polish. Thing I have not seen from a delivery crew for long time.




03 Mar 2015

After I Saw The Video….

after I saw the video on how you prep a boat, I think want you guys to take care of mine from now on!



See how we prepare yachts for delivery

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