Month: October 2016

26 Oct 2016

Reliance Yacht Management Announces Appointment of Weather Routing Partner

Reliance yacht Management, has announced that Searout will be the preferred  service providing supporting captains with weather and routing information .

As an established provider of marine weather Searout offer a complete portfolio of services customised for our yacht deliveries.  Searout have a deep understanding of yacht deliveries and are the perfect partner to support the Reliance Yacht Management Operations desk.

“We are delighted to be working with Searout as their team has continually demonstrated excellence in their field and are perfectly positioned to assist our delivery captains worldwide,” says Reliance Yacht Management’s Founder, Nick Irving. (more…)

21 Oct 2016

Yacht Tracking Systems

In the last few years yacht tracking systems have advanced in leaps and bounds and there are now additional features and benefits as well as improvements in existing features. We have been comparing tracking systems since 2005 and in this time we have delivered hundreds of yachts all over the world for fleet managers, yacht dealers and private owners. As the leading yacht delivery company we are best placed to have an expert and objective view on the subject. (more…)

19 Oct 2016

Polar Circumnavigation

Huge respect to Reliance Captain Mike Stewart who has just completed a circumnavigation  on the Polar Ocean Challenge. On June 19th 2016, they left Bristol UK on s/y Northabout to circumnavigate the North Pole anticlockwise. The previous Irish crew’s trip 15 years ago where they were often impeded by ice and took 2 seasons to complete their voyage. And now, where they saw little ice, have gone round in one season. More at


19 Oct 2016

How Did That Boat Get There?

Along with yacht ownership comes certain responsibilities and requisite services such as insurance, finance and moorings. These are obvious and will come as no surprise, and many will already have at least a minimum understanding of them. The one service that is often overlooked, mis-understood and often forgotten about, almost until the sale is made, is the yacht delivery.

Nick Irving, Director and Founder of Reliance Yacht Management spreads some light on the subject in his recently published article in the September/October 2016 issue of MULTIHULLS Magazine

Downlowd the full article here

11 Oct 2016

Safety Procedures

In response to the CPS’s decision to bring charges against the manager of Cheeki Rafiki, it is understandable that the sailing industry takes a long look again at its policies and procedures and see that all that can be done is being done to minimise risk.

We take the view that sailing is not without risk but lessons can be learnt and anything that can reduce the risk is welcomed. Reliance Yacht Management wishes to reassure clients, captains and crews that we adopt a range of policies and procedures. Each year we undergo an external assessment of our business procedures to maintain our ISO9001 accreditation. In addition we support every captain by providing guidelines and tools to assess and minimise risk. These are reviewed regularly. Each and every Captain we contract with has access to templates to record the yachts condition, inventory and stowage plan and create a risk assessment. We encourage Captains to brief crews on emergency procedures including fire and man over board. We believe the Captain is the best placed to make best decisions. Our captains know that safety of the boat and crew is paramount above all other considerations.

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