Month: March 2017

30 Mar 2017

Delivery Management Dashboard

Reliance Yacht Management Announces the launch of the Yacht Delivery Dashboard

The on line service is designed to bring a raft of benefits to fleet operators, charter managers and yacht dealers worldwide.

The Delivery Management Dashboard is a powerful tool that helps you manage yacht deliveries all in one place. Know where your boats are, see quotes, download statements and invoices, see latest reports from the captain and operations desk.

With access to information in one place this will help identify and record warranty issues, know when you can start taking charter booking and advise clients and yacht owners; It will enable clients to manage fleets more efficiently.

The Delivery Management Dashboard is free

Read more about the features and benefits on line and see our demo page


08 Mar 2017

Lagoon 42 Runs for Cover

Captain Mike Stewart pilots the new Lagoon 42 catamaran towards Casaletta, Sardinia as the storm builds in the western Med.

Not your usual view through the rear window.

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