Year: 2019

13 Jun 2019

High praise for Hanna after transatlantic success

After completing a delivery of a Fountaine Pajot 40 from La Rochelle, France to Littleneck Masachussetts, skipper Hanna Golebiewska receives high praise from our clients, Advantage Yacht Sales, for once again giving an excellent service:

“As with our previous deliveries, Hanna delivered the vessel in excellent condition.”


Good job Hanna!

13 Jun 2019

Where Are They Now: Dùghall macLachlainn

Dùghall has over 33 years of experience in yacht management. With an excess of 500,000 nautical miles, he has sailed all over the world and has a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in cruising that few could match. For the past six years Dùghall has been the captain of a 78 metre Feadship superyacht. He is responsible for a 31 rotational crew, with a worldwide itinerary.

Q. How did you first start working for Reliance?

A. I contacted Nick when I passed my Yachtmaster Ocean Theory, but he was looking for potential skippers to run as mate initially for expenses only. Later after I had taken a fleet of yachts for Sunsail to the Seychelles Nick contacted me just before New Year 96 with a request to deliver a Moorings 500 (I think), France to Tortola. Short notice but I jumped at the chance and was in France by 7th January. Luckily, I was able to celebrate New Year in Edinburgh before I left!

Q. How long did you work for Reliance, and what work did you get up to? Do you have any highlights?

A. I did 3 years with Reliance and my highlights were delivering a further 4-yacht-fleet to the Seychelles for Sunsail – and as I chose the skippers and was in command, much preferred the more professional operation with Reliance. Also delivered a 106-foot Sloop – France to Thailand – and a Sunfast 39 – St Maarten to New Zealand – where I think the crew were slightly taken aback when after a 24 day crossing from Panama to Marquesas I gave them [only] 36 hours ashore before heading off on a 14 day passage to Tonga. We spent three days there [Tonga] and found out on one of them of Princess Diana’s death. On my arrival in NZ I discovered that Scotland had voted for Devolution. The things you miss at sea – especially in those days of less comms!

Q. What skills did you require and/or develop while working at Reliance?

A. You had to be able to sail for sure, but you also needed patience working with crew who were there for miles-building rather than money; you also needed to be able to drop everything and go when a job came up. Nick knew that if I was not on one of his jobs, I would be available. I personally needed to be able to work through seasickness as it was the bane of my life at the time. But perseverance means that I don’t get it anymore.

Q. How did working at Reliance help you get to where you are now?

A. Working for Reliance gave me a way back into yachting after I had been out for some time. It also gave me the knowledge of a lot more areas than I had been used to and suffice to say that currently in the six years and two world cruises, on my present command I have only visited two new countries.

Q. What influence did Reliance have on your career?

A. Working for Reliance gave me the required sea-time to complete my Masters and progress to where I am now.

29 May 2019

Lagoon 42 France to Croatia part 2

Lagoon 42 delivery to Croatia

Captain Philippe Hoebeke and Cira aboard the Lagoon 42 complete the second part of the delivery to Croatia; Portugal to Croatia

15 Apr 2019

Salina 48 Cape Verde to Mallorca

Salina 48 Lydia 1 delivered into the Mediterranean

Captain Philippe Hoebeke and Cira aboard the Fountaine Pajot Salina 48 completed the delivery from Cape Verde to Mallorca in perfect timing for its next charter.

12 Apr 2019

International Multihull Boat Show at La Grand Motte

Let’s meet up at the 10th International Multihull Boat Show at La Grand Motte

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26 Mar 2019

Using Deliveries to Market your Services

Generate more interest in boat sales and charters

Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. It may be tough for some people, but if your goal is to increase sales then you need to figure out which sales strategy will be effective for your target customer. Whether it is for boat sales or charter, it is generally accepted that social media is an essential part of the marketing mix.

There are so many more ways to get your product seen by customers than ever before. What’s the best part? They’re all free. You can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and your blog to your advantage. By building relationships with your customers through these channels you can access more people than ever.

Benefits of content marketing include:

  • More access to qualified leads.
  • More channels to sell your product.
  • Lower costs to acquire customers.

It is important to remember that using social media depends on having good quality and relevant content. You will lose potential leads if your subject matter is irrelevant.

Our clients are now beginning to realise that our delivery services and the steady flow of updates, photographs and videos that we supply is a rich source of news that can be used to engage with clients.

Any of our deliveries whether by crewed delivery of ship provide a rich source of news that can engage customers and bring them back to your Facebook page or Twitter feed again and again.

As a corporate client, by using Reliance Yacht Management for your deliveries you will receive free;

  • Dedicated web-page specifically for your clients
  • Videos (see examples)
  • Photographs
  • Live position reports
  • Captain’s comments

Call us to discuss further how we can help you help your business.

21 Mar 2019
Lucia 40#178

Fountaine Pajot 40 delivered to St Martin

In our industry often we do not meet our clients. Yet they trust us with probably one of their most prized possessions. I like to think that we are not considered strangers, randomly picked from some Google search but friends that are there to help. 90% of our business is from repeat customers. and it is those same customers that recommend us to new clients. New clients become repeat clients and so the cycle continues.

This was the case with the recent delivery of a new Fountaine Pajot 40 from la Rochelle to St Martin. We were recommended to the owner by the Caribbean broker. The delivery service experienced by the client far exceeded expectations. And we hope that he will want that experience again.

His email sent to the Captain and pasted below tells us that again we have achieved our objectives.


Phil and Cira:

Thank you for the letter regarding the issues. with Guadajuko. It was very important to me to meet you two. The people responsible for sailing my treasured yacht to me. Once again, thank you.

What’s more you provided valuable information based upon your knowledge and expertise (the main halyard).

I simply could not be happier with the fact that it was you two caring for my yacht. Nick has been super responsive to my questions and requests. Like having you use the Bimini.

Sorry you could not witness my joy walking onto a “cleaned delivered” yacht. I had to be in Florida. I assure you the thrill and happiness are there. Please let my appreciation in this letter demonstrate such.

Cira I love the thoughtful personal touch of the bag you crocheted. Very, very kind. You two will receive updates and pics. My joy and gratitude offered to you two and Nick.

Truly I hope our paths cross again. Such a pleasure meeting you two.

In good health,

Michael, Captain of the Fine Sailing Yacht Guadajuko

Our client continues

The videos and the updates were superb.  I would always ask people at work and friends if they wanted to watch again so I would have an excuse to watch them again.

But I have to tell you tracking the boat made for the most fun and conversation.

Stuck in Spain due to weather. “They have your boat up for sale in Spain”

Guadajuko keeps sailing south.  “They got a better deal in Morroco”

The list goes on and on.  My close friends and I had a lot of fun tracking Guadajuko.

So once again, many thanks.

In good health,


See the first video from the delivery

See the second video from the delivery 



20 Mar 2019
Lucia 40#178

Lucia 40 TransAtlantic Part 2

New Lucia 40 arrives in St Martin

Captain Philippe Hoebeke and his crew aboard the Fountaine Pajot Lucia 4o arrived in St Martin to complete the delivery from La Rochelle. The video hints at the care taken by the crew to ensure the catamaran arrives in perfect condition. I particularly like the basket made by the First mate with the boat name on it. Nice touch.

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