P465 Dream On

Destination; Marseille
Captain; Andreas Fechs


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13th July 2018; Arrived

10th July 2018; ETA 12th July. No problems reported

7th July 2018; Passed through Gibraltar Straits

27th June 2018; Arrived Horta. Captain has made contact with Mid Atlantic Yacht Services Services. No problems reported.

14th June 2018; Arrived Bermuda. Staying long enough to get fuel. Expected to depart for Azores shortly. No problems reported

14th June 2018; Planning to refuel in Bermuda

13th June 2018; Position report

P465 Dream On
13 Jun 201808:41:45
Speed: 9.07 km/h Course: NE
Elevation: 2.34 m
Lat: N 33°31’36.5088″ Lon: W 66°38’05.2188″

06th June 2018; Departed Ft Lauderdale

02nd June 2018; Crew on board;



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