Balance 526#06

Balance 523 Alani

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.


Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

19th February 2019; Alani now in the Northern Hemisphere. ETA 26th

19th February 2019; Making 10+kts. Captain reports;

Generator starts functioning normally. Proper voltage and temperature. Runs for 17 minutes then started making odd noise and volts went from neat 13v to 11v and then temp started to climb. Shut it down.

16th February 2019; Departed Natal

11th February 2019; Captain reports;

All fine here. Wind ESE 4 occasionally 5. Still wing on wing averaging 8kts or so through weekend. ETA Natal 36 hours

08th February 2019; Captain reports;

Good sailing last 2 days. new crew joining Natal.

ETA Natal 14th Feb. ETA Grenada 25th Feb

06th February 2019; Spinnaker up. Captain reports;

ESE -3/4 though very light overnight for the first time. Near calm expected in ITCZ. Fuel fine. Cockpit fridge not working.

Nice wind today after light again overnight. Plotter bleeping constantly with lost signal is annoying. have on only at night for radar and AIS. Watermaker works well. Could not get any in St Helena due to large swell at wharf

05th February 2019; Revised ETA Fortaleza, 15th Feb

04th February 2019; Captain reports;

Everything is great. Wind constant ESE10-14kts. Averaging SOG 7kts downwind with 3-4ft waves. Lost so little of reef lines of 2 reef lines, both are still fine though I lash off the clew when needed as to not lose more. ETA Fortaleza 13th Feb. 1 crew changed planned for next port.

03rd February 2019; Captain reports

  • Raymarine Charplotter loses signal, followed by loss of AIS alarm and radar loss alarms. Also drops all set routes and waypoints. Have to retrieve it all then 5 seconds, or 5 hours later do it all again. No solution.
  • Port escape hatch leaks. Poor solution was to tape the window to the gasket to the frame. The sea will have no issue defeating that. However, the tape makes  the frame thicker and the dogs are tighter. We may find out. Conditions to Brazil are moderate near dead down wind.
  • The base of the fibreglass Sea Talk spar (pole) cracked.
  • Fired up the electronics for a systems test. Less than 5 minutes to lose signal.


02nd February 2019; Departed St Helena

31st January 2019; Captain reports;

Paperwork completed, sorting out reef line etc. Plan to submit a tech report soonest. Deisel Barge scheduld for tomorrow at 10.00.

31st January 2019; Arrived St Helena.

30th January 2019; ETA St Helena tomorrow early. Captain reports;

Used little fuel. Both tanks 3/4

29th January; 2019; 270nm approx from Jamestown. Crossed the Greenwich Meridian. Now in the Western Hemisphere

27th January 2019; Huge ball of 1″ line removed from saildrive prop. Daggerboards have been half down as advised. Engine/saildrive/prop functioning normally.

26th January 2019; GPS loses signal and AIS and radar cut out.

24th January 2019; Wind SE19-22kts. Course 308. Wing and wing with 1 reef in main and regular jib. Speed 11kts with apparent wind low teens. days run 230nm noon to noon

21st January 2019; Repairs complete. Test sail successful as far as they can tell. Nexus signing off. Customs due on board and plan to depart in the morning.

18th January 2019; Arrived Saldanha Bay. Suspect something briefly caught on rudder affecting steering and causing some water ingress. Roger and Phil appraised of situation. Roger to send team to assess.

17th January 2019; Departed Capetown

11th January 2019; Delivery crew on board.


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