14 Feb 2019
L42 Naos

L42 Naos

L42 Naos from Nick Irving on Vimeo.

31 Jan 2019

Bermudan Yawl, Telstar

Our long term client Andy Scott has recently rescued the classic yacht Telstar in Italy. As soon as this beautiful 1963 70ft Sangemani Bermudan Yawl is back up to its former glory, it will be available for charter in the Mediterranean.

30 Jan 2019

Balance 526 Dragonfly

Dave Block is one of our leading catamaran delivery specialists. A recent article in Multihull World Magazine describes his experience of taking the Balance 526 Dragonfly from Tortola to Newport RI.

Follow the link to read the full article;

Balance 526

Dave is now delivering hull#6 from South Africa to the Caribbean.

15 Jan 2019

Lifting Boats in Southampton

A day spent in Southampton docks lift catamarans onto the quay.

These catamarans were motored over from France to the UK with professional delivery crew. After lifting onto the quay they will loaded on the one of the huge vehicle carrying ships and bound for California.

10 Jan 2019

Jeanneau 440 Delivery to Tortola

Big thank you to Captain Bruce and Mate Kelly for a perfect delivery and great video.

20 Dec 2018

Dusseldorf 2019

An Invitation to Meet in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transportDusseldorf transport

Photos courtesy of Dusseldorf-Messe

Dusseldorf boat show has become the largest indoor boat show in the world. If you are a dealer or a yacht owner thinking about how to transport your boat from point of purchase to cruising destination whether by road, ship or sea, then we will be at hand to assist you. We are able to collect and deliver your yacht to destinations worldwide.

Reliance Yacht Management are already taking appointments.

If you cannot wait until then to get a competitive quote, contact us at the details below;

(UK) +44 1252 378239

(US) +1 954 654 7734

(France) +33 2 72 64 38 70



18 Dec 2018

Added Freight Services to the US



Earlier this year Reliance Yacht Management announced the increase to their freight services and adding the route Southampton, UK to Port Huenene, California. The RoRo vessels can accommodate yachts below decks.

Nick Irving, Director and Founder of Reliance Yacht Management says “I am pleased to announce that we are able to add the service to our growing routes. Our ability to offer multi model delivery solutions to our customers means we are able to serve dealers and private yacht owners  throughout the world, providing a single point of contact and continuity of service throughout. These capacity and service increases clearly demonstrate our ambitions and we are confident our customers will react positively to our expansion”

The route was first introduced in 2018 with a 600% increase expected in 2019/20 from existing customers.

Other routes offered by Reliance Yacht Management in 2018 include

  • La Rochelle to Guadeloupe
  • La Rochelle to Auckland
  • La Rochelle to Tortola
  • La Rochelle to Ft Lauderdale
  • Antwerp to Lavrion
  • Southampton to California

For more information, please visit www.relianceyachtmanagement.com

18 Dec 2018

Lagoon 52 Arrives in Auckland

The Lagoon 52 delivered from the factory in Bordeaux to La Rochelle then shipped to Auckland arrives in time for Christmas. The end destination will be the Dream Yacht charter base in Noumea, New Caledonia.