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20 May 2014

Cheeki Rafiki

In the light of the recent action of the USCG, Reliance Yacht Management has reviewed its operational policies and will be rolling out a programme of including Search and Rescue insurance into future deliveries. Underwritten by Lloyds of London, benefits provides up to $50,000 USD per occurrence in reimbursement for any SAR expenses, including arranging private aircraft/helicopter charter, private search teams—if required.

Search and RescureThe service will be linked to the satellite tracking systems that we already employ. Calls for assistance will be routed through a coordination service manned 24/7 with dedicated and highly trained operatives who have access to emergency responders worldwide. They will  ensure that an emergency situation is dealt with efficiently and we receive the resources needed.

All our deliveries presently in the Atlantic and Caribbean region are now subscribed to the service with immediate effect.



Our policies and procedures are subject to third party inspection as part of our ISO9001 accreditation.


16 Apr 2014

New Central Agency S/Y Seren Wen

Dear All,

We are delighted to announce our new C/A Sailing Yacht Seren Wen, a luxury Moody 64 based in the Western Mediterranean

Seren Wen was launched in 2003 and is in immaculate condition having always been maintained by a professional crew. The owner has spared no expense in keeping her in perfect order. She is outfitted for luxury and welcomes you with all the comforts of home in fast and stable cruising style

For more information & broker friendly brochure, please Click here

Looking forward to receiving your inquiries

Seren Wen









Best Regards


26 Mar 2014

Spot Tracker Saves Trio

Spot Tracker saves trio stranded in Atlantic

makkovik-mapCora Edmunds’ husband, son and nephew were stranded at sea near Makkovik just before dark on Friday, when the motor on their boat broke down.With strong winds driving the craft away further out, rowing to shore was not an option.But a situation that could have ended tragically had a positive outcome instead, thanks to a satellite tracking device called a “SPOT.” The device traces users’ coordinates and relays them by computer, enabling people elsewhere to log on and see where they are.The men pressed the SOS button on the device, alerting Cora Edmunds, as well as the agency that handles the calls. (more…)

17 Mar 2014

First Trans Atlantic Crossing

passportI found an old passport of mine recently at the back of my desk draw. The photo caused great amusement in the office. But amongst the many colourful stamps and visas for Australia, Canada, Galapagos, Tahiti etc. I found a small smudged mark saying “immigration 25 May 1984 Bermuda”, It recorded my first transatlantic crossing from Plymouth to Annapolis 30 years ago. A time for private reflection and recognition of how far we have come.  Reliance Yacht Management has been the leading yacht deliveries ever since and there have been many more “firsts” of note.


Here are a few.

  • First to have written Standard Operating Procedure to ensure high and consistent stands of safety and service.
  • First to introduce a fleet management system and have 40 yachts on delivery at one time.
  • First to introduce satellite tracking to enable charter fleets and private owners to monitor deliveries.
  • First to ensure Captains have professional liability insurance as standard.
  • First to have dedicated contact ashore available 24/7
  • First to achieve ISO9001 accreditation.

We are obviously proud that our high standards and professionalism have been recognised by so many yacht Owners, Dealers and Fleet Managers over the years and I thank you all for your continued and loyal support.

Looking forward, and with the current charter season not far away, our highly experienced and qualified captains and crew are ready to assist with all your yacht movement needs for the next year and the next 30 years after that. Great captains are always in demand so don’t leave it too late

16 Jan 2014

UK leisure marine industry rides ‘wave of exports’

Howard Pridding, Chief Executive of the BMF, commented: “The leisure marine industry is in good shape going into 2014. Having exported its way back to growth and increased the delivery of goods and services to international markets to over £1 billion last year, the sector is now poised to capitalise on the improving domestic economy.

the full report is on the BMF site

14 Jan 2014

Hong Kong to Vietnam

First Published on 31 Dec 2013 by MC2 Catamarans

The MC²60 #1 catamaran Mach² finished 2nd over the line in the 656 miles Hong Kong to Vietnam Race 2013 behind Ragamuffin 90. The MC²60 finished ahead of the three TP52 and the other 90ft monohull Chivas.
Mach² sailed the 656 miles in 49h30mns.

More videos on TV page

31 Dec 2013

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Reliance Yacht Management – the World’s Only ISO9001 accredited delivery company

ISO9001 (1)Following a prolonged process of assessment Reliance Yacht Management has had its work processes accredited to the internationally recognised quality management system standard, ISO 9001.

Nick Irving, Director of Reliance Yacht Management, commented: “We are delighted to achieve accreditation, gaining recognition for our commitment to quality and to continuous improvement. We are proud to join over 500,000 organisations across the globe that have established ISO 9001 as the preferred quality assurance standard. We believe that Reliance Yacht Management is the only dedicated yacht delivery organisations in the world to achieve this.

“In working towards this award, we have analysed and challenged every aspect of Reliance’s operations, involving every employee and a number of clients. Our Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Management were reviewed. This has resulted in many improvements to both what we do and how we do it.

“I believe that we are now a much more efficient and agile organisation as a result and our quality of service continues to get better,” he continued.

“It has been a great experience in terms of teamwork and we were all happy and relieved when we received the good news. The award covers our full range of services and we look forward to delight our clients even more in the future.

The award was made through Quality Management Sytems (QMS), a world leader in assessing business processes and products against internationally recognised standards. Their clients include Government Departments, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Professionals and Service Organisations

12 Nov 2013

Sunday Times Travel Section

crew (3)Awfully big adventures

Published in the Sunday Times Travel Section 11th November 2013 a two page article titled “Awfully big Adventures” lists those epic journeys that just have to be done in one’s lifetime. This of course includes the Ocean Crossing

Leading Travel Writer for the Sunday Times, Jeremy Lazell says

“Once in a lifetime you should forget the annual beach holiday, pack a rucksack and go epic

Jeremy continues:

“Why? Dolphins by day, Stars by night, the Caribbean at journey’s end…..
…….Crewing from Southampton to St Lucia is pretty tough graft but take our word for it: you really won’t want it to end”

If you didn’t buy the Sunday Times this week and want to view on line, you will need log on to the Sunday Times website.



04 Nov 2013


ISO;9001The amount of positive feedback we’ve received from recent clients has forced up to upgrade the page on which we display the Testimonials. Our techy guys are in the process of migrating the kind words written by our clients into the new format. Because of the quantity, they have plenty more to do but you can see the start they made. Click here

You will also find a link there to add your comments.

30 Sep 2013 Sold

feedbackThe ecommerce site has been sold.

From today it will not be possible to view the site in its present format. All inquiries should be sent to

The site has been the leading source of tracking solutions for the last 4 years and worked closely with all the leading charter fleet and manufacturers.  It’s success in this niche market reflects the ability of Reliance Yacht Management to identify and create specific solution in the leisure marine market.

Tracking solutions can still be available from Reliance Management. Contact our UK office for details.

More details to follow


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