Meet The Captains

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Client is on the right, Captain Kal is the one on the left

We pride ourselves on the fact that our delivery Captains are  best in the world. Highly experienced and highly qualified. More than than just excellent Captains that can deliver your yacht safely, they have the knowledge and experience to prepare yachts for delivery that minimize wear and tear, maintain complex on board systems and keep proper records. On completion of each delivery, our Captains will be happy to discuss the voyage with you, provide a complete briefing of any issues and offer a thorough handover. All UK, European and Australian base Captains have professional liability insurance with cover up to 4 millions Euro.



   Andy Mallion    Theo Boutteloup
   Alan Glover    Pascale Drapier
   Andreas Fechs    Dave Block
   Lionel Lebrenn    Hannah Golebiewska
  Jack Magruder
   Pavol Cizmar
 Martyn Williams    Nicolas Boutteloup
   Marc Wroblewski    Vic Meulemans
   Philippe Hoebeke

    Ludovico Seno

   Philippe Gigon Le Grain
    Gilles Roux



 Alexandre Nolleau




Clive Lonsdale

  Kenneth Hoiem

 Stephane Bayle

  Donald J.Ulrich      Jef Jullien
  Vincent Rochefolle    Dylan Le Roux
  Russell Furlong    Andrea Fasura
   Sascha Bading   Andrew Kaltuber
   Andreas Sekinger  

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