Yacht Delivery FAQs

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Yacht Shipping

Reliance is able to arrange any delivery of a yacht by whatever means. We are regularly asked to quote and organise multi modal deliveries, which involve dealing with freight and trucking companies worldwide as well as our highly experienced and qualified captains.

If your preference is for a shipping option then Reliance Yacht Management is best placed to to get the best rate.

Call for a quote.

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  • Lagoon 560 Corinth Canal
  • Lagoon 560 Corinth Canal
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We ensure that the captain and crew contracted to deliver your yacht are of the highest standards and suitably qualified for the voyage. We will be happy to supply details of the proposed crew to you and/or your insurers for their approval.

We are constantly adding and updating our Captain’s details on line. More
[/toggler] [toggler title=’I am concerned about unforeseen costs. How do I protect myself from additional expenses?’] We recognise this as a regular concern with clients who have been given quotes by others that stipulate food and fuel as extras. This provides no cost control to the client and gives the delivery company permission to spend limitless amounts on provisions. Reliance, unless specified otherwise, will always provide an inclusive rate for the delivery. We will provide a competitive price that clearly states everything that is included. E.g food, flights, canal fees, charts etc.


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Our office staff will provide an initial passage plan giving details of planned ports of call en route and ETA’s. After the delivery has commenced we will update you on progress through a dedicated webpage, email, or telephone at every stage.

On all long haul deliveries, we provide a global satellite tracking service so clients and others can follow the delivery of their yacht on the internet.

Link to demo webpage.

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[toggler title=’What are the insurance considerations?’] Reliance has a good relationship the major insurance companies who recommend us to their clients. The insurance of the boat is the responsibility of the owner, however we are more than happy to provide details of the captain and crew to insurance companies for their approval. Our captains and crew are responsible for their own personal and medical insurance.

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