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Destination; Tortola
Captain; Jack




26th October 2017; Arrived Hodges

15th October 2017; Captain reports

FW tank just emptied itself believe overboard. No FW trace in bilges tank locker or port engine bay.  Only occurred when FW pump switched on. Pls ask Lagoon if there is a valve selection in the FW system which would allow this to happen

24th October 2017; Captain reports

Passing Antigua. Light winds so ETA Thursday AM local time.

10th October 2017; Captain reports;

All ok and happy thanks. Some sea sickness. …..Current ETA 24th pm Road Town

10th October 2017; Weather router reports;

Hi Weather 1010 wind ENE 13-18kts swell ESE 1.8m 1110 wind ENE 12-16kts swell SE 1.5m 1210 wind ENE 15-19kts swell ESE 1.7m Wp8 17.59N 33.36W No tropical activity Michel

09th October 2017; Weather router reports

Hi weather 0610 wind NE 14-19kts swell NW1.4m 0710 wind NE 15-20kts swell NW2m 0810 wind NE 16-24kts swell NNW2m Wp4 20.34N 22.49W No tropical actiivity Michel

08th October 2017; Weather router reports.

Hi weather 0810 wind ENE 15-23kts swell NNW 2m 0910 wind NE 15-20kts swell NNW 1.8m 1010 wind NE 14-19kts swell ENE 1.7m >Wp6 18.52N 28.19W No tropical activity Michel

03rd October 2017; Departed Canaries

03rd October 2017; captain reports dodger tracker pulling out.

30th September 2017; Jay joins crew

29th September 2017; Arrived Las Palmas

24th September 2017; Departed Cascais

23rd September 2017; Will sail from Cascais on Sunday am. Eta Las Palmas Friday 29th/sat 30th..

22nd September 2017; Arrived Cascais. Engine service done

17th September 2017; Departed Les Sables d’Olonne

12th September 2017; Handover from Lagoon to Captain




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