Happy captain, happy client

Yesterday Clive Lonsdale and his crew completed their delivery of a Najad 390 from Stockholm to Lisbon.

After seeing off the boat’s departure in Stockholm, the client was so happy to see the boat delivered to Lisbon in such excellent condition after so many miles at sea – especially considering the the amount of rough weather seen in the Cape of Biscay these last few weeks. The client not only commended Clive and Guðbjörg’s service, their ‘really amazing care and professionalism’, but took them out for a three course dinner and then a personal tour of Lisbon. ‘Great people’ says the client.

Crew left, captain centre, crew far right.


Captain and crew enjoying a lovely meal in Lisbon.


Really amazing care and professionalism…Great people.

The client is already discussing another delivery with Reliance based on their experience of such excellent service. We look forward to our future business ventures.

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