L380#824 Catco 1

Destination; Tortola
Captain; Pavol Cizmar


Video report on features of tracking page




25th October 2017; Arrived Road Town

20th October 2017; Captain reports;

Lost security screw what holds boom to the mast.
I furled the main sail, secured the boom. We have 470Nm to go , average 6knt , but slowed down.I believe we’ll be there in 3,5 day.

They will continue to BVI for repairs unless advised otherwise.

03rd October 2017; Departed Canaries

01st October 2017; Arrived Canaries

26th September 2017; Departed Cascais

23rd September 2017; Arrived Cascais

18th September 2017; Departed Les Sables

15th September 2017; Crew on board

04th September 2017; handover from CNB



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