L42#168 Catco Uno

Destination; Tortola
Captain; Thierry Rougier

Video report on features of tracking page




30th October 2017; Captain reports

Everything ok on board except the wind we are with the engine since Hierro ! Never more than 10 knts

18th October 2017; Arrived La Gomera

10th October 2017; Departed Cascais. No problems reported. ETA Madeira +4 days

09th October 2017; Engine serviced

08th October 2017; Arrived Cascais.

07th October 2017; Arrived Bayona. Captain reports vibration on one prop when in reverse close to dock.
This could explain it

03rd October 2017; Departed Les Sables

25th September 2017; Captain on board, handover completed from Lagoon



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