Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

09th January 2020: Arrived Starlight Landing

05th January 2020: Captain reports

Hi Nick, I mooring in Samana keys, Bahamas to avoid 30/35N wind. I plan departure tomorrow in the afternoon.

30th December 2019: Captain Reports;

I am arrived to Port Louis at Saint Martin. One people of B&G come on board tomorrow morning. I keep you informed.

09th December 2019; Captain reports;

Departure from Santa Cruz Tenerife, ETA Fort Lauderdale 02/01/20

04th December 2019; Captain reports:

For my advice, Yes the repair move little bit and there is a fealure on the repair. But we took a strong wind and big sea between Lagos and Tenerife. For me, we can continue but I want to leave from Tenerife in good weather conditions to keep the boat safe. In the atlantic ocean, we will be in the Alizée,  not much wind and in the good angle for the boat.

Ok Nick, So I am ok to leave, at this times I can plan a departure Saturday morning. The wind stay strong today and tomorrow. We took again 30/45 kts between Lagos and Tenerife.. I think it’s not good for the boat to take any more of strong wind and sea.

04th December 2019: Arrived Canaries

01st December 2019; Captain confirms no further problems.

30th November 2019; Unable to get repairs done locally. Departed for Canaries. Captain advised to take no risks and monitor condition carefully.

24th November 2019; Gel coat repaired. Client advised.

23rd November 2019; Captain reports movement of interior furniture and cracks in gel coat. Diverts to Lagos

22nd November 2019; Departed Cascais

22nd November 2019; The wind stays too strong today and with SW/WSW direction. They plan the departure tomorrow at 7 AM.

19th November 2019: Arrived Cascais

05th November 2019; Departed Les Sables

04th November 2019; Crew on board





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