L450 Crazy Knot Nuts

Destination; Ft Lauderdale
Captain; Sascha Bading

Video report on features of tracking page




22nd November 2017; Arrived Ft Lauderdale to drop off gear at LMC before going to Denia

16th November 2017; Departed Turks and Caicos

16th November 2017; Arrived Turks and Caicos. refueling and planning to depart today. Hoping not to stop again. ETA Ft Lauderdale +5 days

15th November 2017; Latest ETA in Dania Lauderdale is 23rd Nov

12th November 2017; Departing Tortola

09th November 2017; Crew on board

09th November 2017; Crew flying in from Ft Lauderdale





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