Destination; Split
Captain; Pascale Drapier

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27th Mar 2017; Departed from cape carbonara. Next port of call should be split. ETA 30th morning

17th Mar 2017; Departed Cascais

13th Mar 2017; Captain reports

1st Engine servicedone.

Weather forecast is very bad …Again. probably have to wait. For the moment not possible to pass after cape St Vincent before Thursday and gib sunday. But we will get ready to go on Wednesday and try to get closer to Gibraltar.
Everything fine on board others.

12th Mar 2017; Arrived Cascais

08th Mar 2017; Departed France

27th Feb 2017. Weather warning

Gale warning – Issued: 1554 UTC on Sunday 26 February 2017
Southwesterly gale force 8 expected soon, veering westerly and increasing severe gale force 9 later
Wind. Westerly or southwesterly, 5 at first in far southeast, otherwise 6 to gale 8, increasing severe gale 9 at times.
Sea state. Very rough or high, occasionally rough at first, becoming very high for a time.
Weather. Rain or thundery showers.
Visibility. Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

24th Feb 2017; Captain and crew on board

23rd Feb 2017; Crew joining date


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