L450#632 Peace Out

Destination; Tortola
Captain; Andreas Fechs

Video report on features of tracking page




04th October 20127; Departed Antigua. ETA Road Town 0800 05th Oct

30th September 2017; Stopping in Antigua. Crew member requires doctor

19th September 2017; Departed Cape Verde. Captain reports

just so you know, we got enough fuel to go all the way across. only concerned about safety, not sailing speed

17th September 2017; Arrived Cape Verde

12th September 2017; Departed Canaries

07th September 2017; Arrived Santa Cruz. New crew required

03rd September 2017; Departed Cascais

02nd September 2017; Colt on board

01st Septemeber 2017; Arrived Cascais

30th August 2017; Captain reports ETA Cascais 02nd August AM. Depth sensor not working.

28th August 2017; Sea trials and departure

25th August 2017; Crew on board for handover




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