L450#634 Manuel IV

Destination; Cancun
Captain; Philippe Hoebeke

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04th December 2017; Captain reports;

We’ve just finished the handover, customs and immigration.(It was long, three different persons came on board from 8am this morning) If we fly today we’ll arrive to the marina at 8pm and Catco’s office will be closed. So we’re flying tomorrow early in the morning at 8(cheaper). Regards, Philippe

02nd December 2017; Captain reports;

We’ve arrived to Cancun. We’ve managed to switch on starboard engine for the arrival. We should wait till Monday at 10am for immigration and customs. Handover will be also done on Monday so our contact here, Francisco,  take care of us.

We will arrive to Fort Lauderdale on Monday. Is the Gemini ready to go?

01st December 2017; Captain reports;

we have a problem with the starboard engine.
Rpm goes up and down on their own and after, the engine stops.
After that, it is difficult to switch it on and an alarm beeps with a message saying CHECK ENGINE, SAVE MD.
We’ve purged the fuel system and there’s no air or water.
We’ve dived to see if there was something on the propeller but there’s nothing on it.
We continue with only the port engine and we’ll ask for assistance when we’ll arrive. Gaida gave us 2 contacts in the marina before leaving and Cira is Spanish so the language is not a problem.

29th November 2017; Departed LMC. ETA Cancun 1st Dec.

28th November 2017; Handover with Rudy is done.

27th November 2017; Crew on board





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