L52 Bamboozle

Destination; Tortola
Captain; Pavol Cizmar

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04th January 2018; Arrived Road Town

04th January 2018; Anchored St Peter Island

03rd January 2018; Captain reports;

I’ll anchor tonight. In the morning after immigration I’ll be in BVI yacht charter. I believe 09:00-10:00am tomorrow

31st December 2017; Captain reports

Happy New Year to you too. I’m stopping in Luperon DR to refuel.

28th December 2017; Captain reports

just changed it. (oil) indicator stopped beeping. I’ll keep an eye on it

28th December 2017; Captain reports

Sea water detected in sail drive. Please advise to return or continue?

27th December 2017; Departed Port Antonio

21st December 2017; captain reports

  • Furler needs attention (see pic)
  • Staysail halyard chaffing
  • Leak when air conditioning is on and or when the water pump is running (see pic)
  • Nav panel doesn’t work when low on battery. To work properly I have to run engine every hour. I have everything off while sailing.
  • Starboard nav light , somewhere loose connection.
  • Starboard engine, Kris organized Mechanic to look at it.
  • Autopilot, switch to standby when off course.
  • Chart plotter on the helm station, loose connection. Sometimes on sometimes off.
  • Bimini, need to find under the ceiling what is loose . For now secured by rope.

I think this is all. I’ll keep you informed what is happening and how far I got with the fixes. As soon as the boat is ready and when the weather allows , we are going.

20th December 2017; Captain reports;

I was trying to get to the shelter, but The wind was too strong. This boat cannot take it. I run out of diesel in starboard tank yesterday . Port tank has still 23%. Starboard engine consumption is very high. I was running engines equally.

17th December 2017; Captain reports;

i cannot make it through this wind. 35 knots. And the waves are big. I’m going back to my shelter.

12th December 2017; Departed Jamaica. ETA Tortola +8 days

07th December 2017; Arrived Jamaica due to poor weather

04th December 2017; Departed

03rd December 2017; Crew report to boat




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