L620#115 Dragonfly

Destination; Ft Lauderdale
Captain; Nicolas Boutteloup

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02nd Feb 2017; Arrived Ft Lauderdale

31st Jan 2017; ETA first bridge Ft Lauderdale 11.00 2nd Feb

26th Jan 2017; Departed St Martin

26th Jan 2017; Departure expected today at 0800. ETA Ft Lauderdale 02nd February

25th Jan 2017; Captain reports on gasket repair.

Service room done, I did in 2 step:

Step 1: filled the space between deck and panel with sika 290

Let it dry 24hrs

Step 2: did a proper seal on the visible part, with sika 291i

Let it dry

24th Jan 2017; Arrived St Martin to repair engine hatch gasket.

09th Jan 2017; Departed Horta. ETA Ft Lauderdale 29th Jan. No further problems reported.

07th Jan 2017; Strong swell made refueling dangerous. Departed Punta Delagarda to refuel in Horta

05th Jan 2017; Captain reports;

We redid gasket for hatches (just for trip will have to do it again by Lagoon), See pictures above. Provisioning today. Weather look good for moving tomorrow evening or Saturday morning.

Best regards

03rd Jan 2017; Captain reports;

Hi Nick, some work to do on hatches leaking, especially on cockpit window. Some rest needed after 3 strong days. Gas, provisioning and wait for weather window. All OK

03rd Jan 2017; Arrived Ponta Delagada, Acores

28th Dec 2016; captain reports

Engineer come soon (engine service). We move after if they finish soon or 0800 tomorrow. No warranty issues to report

26th Dec 2016; Arrived Oporto

23rd Dec 2016; Departed Bordeaux

20th Dec 2016; Captain and crew in Bordeaux


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