Destination; Antigua
Captain; Philippe Hoebeke

Video report on features of tracking page




10th November 2017; Arrived Antigua

09th November 2017; Departed Martinique

08th November 2017; Arrived Martinique. Captain reports

We’ve arrived in Martinique.  One problem on board this morning.  The stairs from the galley to the outside needs to be refixed.  I will send you photos tomorrow.

We’ve sent a message to Alex 2 days ago but no answer. Today also but still no answer. If we had had an answer earlier we would have do differently to fit everybody. Sorry about that.

ETA Antigua Friday 10th November

07th November 2017; Captain reports;

ive sent a message but No answer yet from alex. We leave martinique on friday so eta antigua on saturday with bagheera ready for the handover.

21st October 2017; Departed Canaries

18th October 2017; Tracking re established. Captain confirms all ok on board

18th October 2017; H.M. Coastguard reports;

……Radio Coastal Station in Las Palmas found and contacted with the ship. The five people on board are all safe and sound and sailing properly ……… ETA to Las Palmas tomorrow 19th at 2000h UTC.

15th October 2017; Tracker stopped reporting

12th October 2017; Arrived Cascais

08th October 2017; Departed Bordeaux

05th October 2017; Crew on board


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