Lagoon 52 France to Tortola

Dear Captain Steve:

It’s about 3 weeks since we landed at Hodges Creek after our Atlantic crossing Maiden voyage; I hope you and El had a good return trip to the US and a short vacation after.

I am back to the grind of business but did lose 15 pounds which gets attention.

I just wanted to check in: tell you again that you and Ellie did a great job of getting the boat, Matt and I to the destination safely with extra food, water, fuel and all in good health including the Blew By You- Thank You!

I learned a lot from you about the importance of weather, listening to the environment and minute whisper of the boat during operation.

Could you provide the trip log spreadsheet and the issues list?

I wish you and El the best on all your journeys around the world.

Let’s keep in touch from time to time.

Lagoon 52
Lagoon 52

Very Best regards,


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