Lagoon 52 Joy

L52 Joy

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Here you be able to download any relevant documents.

Pre departure





Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

24th March 2020; Captain reports

Dropped hook at midnight in the new river sound. It’s north side of Los olas bridge. Just waking up and getting things going.

21st March 2020; Departed Great Inagua

20th March 2020: Captain reports:

Just checked weather and checked with RBDF. Today is 24kts gusting 30. They’re telling me tomorrow is good. They even have their cutter in here.

18th March 2020: Captain Reports:

Blowing 20+ in inagua with front coming. Departure fri and arrival Sunday.

16th March 2020: Captain reports;

Fuel guy says fuel will be here this afternoon.  I’m 2 days out as soon as we get it. Will update this afternoon. Hopefully be underway this evening.

16th March 2020: Captain reports;

Have had main on #2 reef whole time because of cracks. They appear have grown a little.  Def taking it easy on the rig.   Turnbuckles are turned almost all the way down. Much more stratch than I’d expect from a boat only as old as it is. Been running engines at 2k which has kept sog average 9.2kts. Without engines boat sog was under 7. High water alarm on port side goes off every 2-3 hours underway and manually turning on bilge for 3-4 minutes remedies the alarm.  Do not know where water is coming from.  Catamarans in Tortola said stb rail leaks but haven’t had any alarms on the side despite that being windward side and at times some very sloppy seas.

Haven’t run generator since road town  except for a couple of hours last night to charge batteries and it struggled to start twice despite showing plenty of voltage on gen start battery.  3rd attempt it cranked. Wind instruments show apparent direction but wind speed is out. Every now and then instrument will spin but not freely so data  is wrong when there is data. That’s the trip so far. Hopefully good news on fuel. Tues will be a little northerly and I’m gonna need it.

16th March 2020: Captain reports;

Good morning guys.  Boat is safe at government dock in Inagua island.  Its only 10$ a night.   Will find out by 10am the fuel situation.  Unfortunately I’m in stand by mode.

15th March 2020: Captain reports:

In great inagua island for fuel. May be a few hours. hve to chk w/customs . Will update within hour.

11th March 2020; They are doing clearance today and getting fuel.

09th March 2020; Preparing documents to get clearance, crew arriving, stowing personal items, repairing bowsprit stays. – see photos

08th March 2020: Captain reports:

Got to the boat today after 1600. Plan to do video tomorrow morning and there is so much stuff that has to be stowed.  Blenders, decor, and more.    The salon is full of stuff.











Here you will see links to photo and videos of the delivery.



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