Leopard 46 Tonina Seychelles

Leopard 46 Tonina Seychelles

The Leopard 46 Tonina on a sea trial prior to starting the delivery to the Philippines.

On completeion of the delivery, the client remarks;

Just a quick mail to confirm delivery of Tonina to Philippines.  Firstly thanks for the successful completion of the task and for letting Vidar Paulsen command the voyage.  He turned out to be a very good choice with great character and personality very well suited for this function.  His knowledge,  practicality and dedication to get things done well was exemplary.  I sincerely enjoyed working with him and learning from him since he had a very inviting demeanor that encouraged participation and questions.  I can only recommend him for future use as he is an incredibly well rounded individual covering not just sailing but also crew and domestic aspects.  This may have been his first Captaincy on this kind of voyage but the guy was a consummate professional.

Kind regards,


Leopard 46 Tonina from Nick Irving on Vimeo.

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