Leopard 46

Leopard 46

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

05th August 2019: Captain reports

Just got to the dock, passage complete! We will start cleaning boat now

05th August 2019; Captain reports:

About 60 miles off of the river entrance to Jacksonville. We have another 30 miles to navigate after that. All good on board and ETA Monday evening local time

04th August 2019; Captain reports;

Hey Nick. We are just about to enter the Gulf Stream. We are excited to be getting closer. Crew is happy, owners are grateful. ETA monday evening

02nd August 2019: Captain reports;

Hey Nick, Update: starboard tack broad reach. Comfortable sailing. Crew is happy and making progress. All is good on my end

01st August 2019; Captain reports:

All good on board. Not much wind but comfortable sailing. Making progress, plenty of food, water, fuel. Crew is happy and in good spirits

31st July 2019; NOAA reports

A tropical wave continues to produce disorganized showers and
thunderstorms over Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
This disturbance is forecast to move northwestward to northward at
about 10 mph during the next several days, producing locally heavy
rainfall over portions of the Greater Antilles, the Bahamas, and
Florida.  Conditions could become marginally conducive for
development over the weekend when the disturbance moves near Florida
and the northwestern Bahamas and then turns northeastward over the
western Atlantic Ocean.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...near 0 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...low...10 percent.

28th July 2019; Departed. ETA 6th August

27th July 2019; Captain reports;

We provisioned the boat today. Food, fuel, etc. the dinghy arrived today as well so we rigged it up on the davits. Main halyard wasn’t working proper and so we fixed that today as well.Main car was missed bolt so we replaced that today. We will leave tomorrow, I will send all paperwork in tonight. I am going to finish the pre departure paperwork tonight. I just haven’t had time to do it yet, we have been working around the clock. Owners are happy

25th July 2019; Captain reports;

I apologize for the lack of communication. I’ve been in bilges sweating all day. There’s been a lot of little things that need addressing and quite a bit of work to get the boat sea worthy. They had vendors yesterday coming on board to finish putting on boat name and getting their dingy tomorrow. I imagine we won’t leave until Sunday, there’s quite a bit to do and I don’t want to wear them out either. They are working hard and in good spirits but we skipped lunch today and have been working hard as a team

24th July 2019: Captain arrives onboard




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