Leopard Yacht Deliveries

Reliance CrewAt Reliance Yacht Management we know how to deliver Leopard catamarans. We were delivering them from Cape Town over 10 years ago. Our knowledge and years of experience has given us a deep insight into the many interconnected issues of yacht logistics worldwide. Our capabilities cover every transport mode and the quality control of new and used yachts. This means we are ideally equipped to assist you in providing the ideal delivery package.

[blockquote source=”Nick Irving”]We first delivered Leopard catamarans in 2003 [/blockquote]

Peace of Mind

With Reliance Yacht Management you get the experience and peace of mind that you and your clients deserve.

– 30 years experience of moving yachts worldwide
– The preferred logistics company by the World’s leading yacht dealers and charter companies.
– Experience. We move over 100 yachts per year to destinations worldwide.
– The world’s most experienced and qualified yacht delivery Captains.
– Dedicated shore based management support.
– Knowledge and experience of production boats
– Good working relationship with trucking, shipping and commissioning services worldwide.
– ISO9001 accredited

Central Monitoring

Our central monitoring and reporting allows you to receive regular updates of the entire process every step of the way – ensuring that your yachts are always where they need to be and when they need to be there.

Status reports from Reliance at every stage provide the vital data required by your operations, booking agents and base staff

  • Condition reports

  • Photos

  • Inventory supply and checks

  • Position reports

  • ETA

  • QC and Defect list

  • Engine service

We take care of your yachts.
Preparing a Catamarn for delivery;See the video

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