Lipari 41

Destination; Ft Lauderdale
Captain; Jack Magruder

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11th November 2017; Arrived Multitech Marine

10th November 2017; Arrived Pier 66

09th November 2017;  The delivery captain  has reported this morning loss of GPS and Autopilot. They have checked connections and fuses which seem fine.

06th November 2017; Departed Caicos

06th November 2107; Captain reports;

Docked, Fueling and leaving in morning after resolving engine.

06th November 2017; Captain reports

2 miles from Caicos Marina. Stbd engine overheating. Shut it down to prevent damage. Too rough to troubleshoot at sea. Question impeller

03rd November 2017; Heading for Caicos Marina and Shipyard. ETA AM 7th November.

03rd November 2017; Captain reports;

Port Engine compartment is taking on small amounts of water. Have shut down engine, looking for source.

Probably a few gallons an hour. Letting engine cool down so i can get in the compartment, but seems like its from recent repair.

Bilge pumps were managing but seemed to be clogged/no longer pumping. Should be an easy fix in daylight

02nd November 2017; Departed Tortola carrying full tanks and 16 Jerry cans of diesel

02nd November 2017; Working on fueling, propane, new nav lights being connected, clearance etc.

01st November 2017; Captain and crew on board.






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