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Welcome to our demo Client delivery page.

When you ask Reliance Yacht Management to deliver your yacht we will create a secure dedicated webpage that gives you instant access to all the latest position reports, weather charts, photographs, video and updates from both the captain and our Operations desk.

Scroll down and see the different elements. Remember we can create a page that reflects your requirements and priorities

Below are real examples of recent content.

Here we see the position of  various yachts on delivery. We can customize the view to reflect a single yacht or a fleet. Positions are automatically updated


Captain Reports

Here is a video report from the deck of a yacht on delivery in Croatia.

The client got to see this within minutes of being recorded.


Receiving pictures can help understand the condition of a yacht and help make quick decisions. For example;

Captain Reports

  1. Damaged , corroded danboy light, replaced by new one
  2. Liferaft stowed / secured on protected cockpit table
  3. guardrail doubled with 25mm webbing line


This page also gives a clear record of work done. For example;

Captain Reports

Jobs done and in progress

  • packed/ stowed all glasses and glas plates, (using only our own plastic ones) . interior protection .
  • Jabsco pumps interior o-rings and valves replaced with the help of one technician (50€) .
  • fuel truck delivering 120 L diesel, stowed the jerry cans, getting rit of the outboard gasoline that was on board (fire danger)
  • provisioning and stowing
  • hoisting sails, checking reefing systems /lines,  replacing some damaged sailglider connections
  •  installing gybe preventor line
  • stowing liferaft properly
  • going up the mast, checked standing rigging and connections :rigging in need to be replaced soon, I will check at every marina stop underway;
  • secured all chackels,
  • filling up big holes for deck lights wiring with silicone,
  • securing steaming light on mast with tape as cap was missing screw;
  • mounting radarreflector .
  • double all guardrails with appropriate webbing line .
  • making log functioning again, cleaning paddle and electric connections .
  • changing nav light bulbs into led


An important feature is the ability to access and download relevant documents.

Quotes, QC reports, CVs, etc can all be made available here. For example;


Do not forget

Reliance Yacht Management provides an unparalleled level of service. We offer world-class captains and crew with a dedicated 24/7 management support.

We are the only delivery company that has reached the safety and operational standards to be awarded ISO 9001 accreditation. This offers you peace of mind knowing that you have made the best choice for your yacht.

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