MY44#08 Handover

Reliance Yacht Management

Vessel ID:MY44=08Client:Catamaran Company
Inspection start:27th January 2020Location:Port des Mimimes
Inspection end:Inspector:Andy Mallion
No.Defect DescriptionPhoto ref.Date fixedByNote
1platform has a 1cm gap between the port side and the hull. The underneath rubber supports are not the correct sizePicture
2Starboard hull alleyway cupboard locker door missing
3water in the starboard bilge.
Cleaned and will inspect again tomorrow
28 Feb 20FP
4on start up of engines, low port side transmission oil alarm28 Feb 20FP
5flybridge sink unit door Ill fitting
6no diagram for correct valve settings for fuel transfer between port and starboard fuel tanks
7starboard engine room bilge pump faulty from manufacturers
8Water leaking into port engine room via cockpit stairs support stanchion bolts
9No explanation for fuel transfer Picture


Signed handover

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