MY44#36 DRY


Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



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Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

06th January 2020: Ship now through Panama and stopped in Puntarenas. Current eta San Diego is now the 25th of January

01st December 2019; Loaded onto ship

22nd November 2019: Captain reports

After lift out it was realised that the straps were in position marked with the green downs arrows shown on the hull. The green arrows indicate position for chocks and not straps. The boat has now been lifted back into the water so the straps can be re positioned against the red up arrows.

I requested a surveyor takes a look for any internal movement. Initial observations by Captain show no problems

21st November 2019; Arrived Port of Antwerp. waiting for lift out to quay

19th November 2019: Arrived Zeebrugge

18th November 2019: Departed Cowes. Next stop Zeebrugge ETA 0800 19th November

17th November 2019: Now in Cowes to refuel and wait for weather window. Lift out and shrink wrap booked for 21st November

15th November 2019; Arrived Concarneau

15th November 2019; Underway. making for Concarneau ETA 1500 today

13th November 2019: Captain reports

  1. leak still evident on the lower White tube before the generator primary filter.

  2. mounting screws coming loose on flybridge table.

  3. flybridge top cover, unable to put it in the closed position

13th November 2019; Shipping forecast;

GALE WARNING Issued: Westerly gale force 8 expected later
WIND Northwest 4, backing west 6 to gale 8, perhaps severe gale 9 later.
SEA STATE Rough or very rough, occasionally high later in west.
WEATHER Rain or showers.
VISIBILITY Good occasionally poor.

13th November 2019; Not going anywhere today. Gusting 40kts and 4 m seas. May have a small weather window to progress 50nm tomorrow. Meeting the ship will be a challenge and can’t be guaranteed at this stage.

12th November 2019; Arrived St Gilles. No problems reported

12th November 2019; Departed. Will go as far as safe to. Weather dependent.

12th November 2019; On fuel dock

11th November 2019: Shipping forecast;

Gale Warnings for Biscay
Issued: 21:43 (UTC) on Sun 10 Nov 2019
Northerly gale force 8 expected soon
West 5 or 6 at first in southeast, otherwise north 6 to gale 8.
Rough or very rough.
Rain then thundery showers.
Good, occasionally poor.

08th November 2019; Captain on board; Still workmen there and “hope” to finish tonight.




Links to photos and videos of the delivery.


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