Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

3rd August 2019; Mechanic had cleaned the tank. Also checking valves, hoses etc. Found metal shaving blocking hose. See photos. He is going to put an extra filter between the tank and priming pump and change the valve bigger connector from 8 mm to 10mm

01st August 2019: Arrived Procida

01st August 2019; Passing Capri. Expected Procida 1300 local

30th July 2019; Stopped briefly to take on fuel. ETA Italy +2 days

29th July 2019; AIS back on

29th July 2019; Captain reports

Same engine . Now the engine works. The “dirt ” is probably still in the tank and sometimes it blocks. Filters, hoses from tank to engine are clean

28th July 2019; Captain reports;

I’m starting to have same problem with engine as before. I checked hoses and filters( they clean) . It must be something blocking in the tank

Broker and builder advised

24th July 2019: Solar panels installed

18th July 2019: Arrived la Linea to check out possibilities for installation of solar panels. Captain reports;

Tomorrow morning, Pritchards marine technicians come to the boat check the dimensions and discuss how to mount the solar panels. They can start putting it together on Monday. On Monday I will know also price. If the price is too high I will need some support. I’ll keep you updated

16th July 2019: Engine service compolete and running well. Departing today for Gibraltar

13th July 2019: Rounding Finisterre. ETA Cascais 18th

11th July 2019: Underway across Biscay

22nd July 2019: Captain reports

We put 2 x100 watts solar panels at the start.  James Pritchard said work will take 6-8 hours. They will come on Wednesday to mount it on boat. They also going to make holder for TV.

Thursday morning the weather should turn around and we should have a pleasant sail to Italy.







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Pritchards Marine Estimate (Solar Panels)



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