Nautitech 46 Razzamataz

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.

You boat is in the care of Capt Bruce Lafolette and his crew for the delivery from Tortola to Miami.

ETA 6th February


Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

07th February 2019; Crew reports;

I will arrange my return flight back to my point of origin in Connecticut upon delivery of Razzmatazz to the boat show. Also, is there a need to clean the exterior? Will we do this at the boat show once docked? Does Horizon need cleaning services during the boat show?

Thanks for everything, it was a great crossing and I am looking forward to the video editing.


1.Forward, port side, first cabinet outside head, top shelf, rough and gouged.

2.Check sail tape on jib

3.Mast Winch Repair: While sailing downwind on a light-wind but gusty day, the jib sail lost air. A line wrapped around the mast winch and when the sail refilled on a gust it popped the winch, losing the silver faceplate with lifting arm and the center nut that holds the assembly together.

4.Seetee storage broken again. Was glued at Horizon in the BVI’s but did not hold.

5.Starboard cabin metal door stripping repair.

6.Shackle pin came loose from boom shackle and traveller, allowing boom to swing freely. Needs small zip tie to repair.

7.Mainsail head pins that attach sail to mast car came loose upon arrival. Missing 2nd retaining screw.

8.Port side Garmin GPS Plotter not working

9.High revving dinghy engine

10.Wind indicator working intermittently

11.Sail Drive whine at 5-6 knots

12.Are we cleaning the exterior of boat before boat show. If so when and where? Note: presently cleaning interior.

13.Do you need cleaning during the boat show?

07th February 2019; Going Dinner Key. Allowed to dock briefly to take on water. The anchorage is ok but exposed to east winds. Captain going to local chandler y for items to fix minor issues. Punch list and photos being prepared and expected later today.

06th February 2019; Captain reports;

Waiting for instructions from Leslie. I also wanted to let you know that we will be proceeding over to Dinner Key Marina at Coconut Grove. There is a free Anchorage with easy access to a market to bring food aboard. I am hoping to obtain water, as well. It appears that these marinas do not give water unless you pay for an overnight slip. I am hoping to negotiate a payment for just the water. We cannot clean the outside of the vessel. We need a water hookup for that.

05th February 2019; Arrived Key Biscayne 17.17 local.

05th February 2019; ETA Miami 6th Feb. Captain Reports;

Yesterday, on Monday Feb 4, the waters of the Santaren Channel were flat calm with negligible wind. Like a lake. So we started our crossing a day early. It was the right decision. Today, we have 17-20kt winds out of the North, which tend to whip the Gulf Stream up into large seas.

03rd February 2019; Captain reports

We are utilizing the old Bahama Channel route. Shorter and fewer coral heads to contend with. My observations show us crossing the Gulf Stream on a flat calm on Tuesday. ETA: Feb.5; Tuesday afternoon

01st February 2019; No position report received. Checking systems.

31st January 2019; Underway again. ETA +5 days

31st January 2019; Captain reports;

We stopped in TCI. I am presently anchor in Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos. I needed cell phone service to check the approaching wind event. It’ll be 35kt+ here across the the Bahamas and Turks&Caicos making it dangerous.

I also need to check the port engine and saildrive. It began to whine and the whine increased as the day went on. First it occurred while we were under sail, then when I started the engines, the sound intensified. As the day progressed, so did the level of the sound. I would like to press on tomorrow to West Caicos to Caicos Marina & Shipyard. It is well protected. The wind event will arrive during the day on Friday and move past the region on Sunday.

29th January 2019; Captain reports;

Yesterday, January 28 was a Beautiful day of clear skies and light wind. We motor sailed to make good time. Today, we will probably just sail to preserve fuel. Some rain is passing us by right now. Hope we get some so as to wash off the salt that we have accumulated. We crossed the Navidad Bank last night and hope to make it to the other side of the Silver Bank in the Turks & Caicos today.

27th January 2019; Captain reports;

We are underway! The entire Horizon Yacht Charter team pulled together these past few days and did a Great Job at getting RAZZMATAZZ boat show (and North Atlantic Ocean) ready. We all worked hard together and addressed the few issues she had from sitting for a period of time.

23rd January 2019; Crew on board. Initial observations include.

  • Aux/usb radio
  • 3rd exterior isinglass?
  • Lights in the Head
  • Outlets not working
  • Starboard cabinet latch not secure
  • Brown sink water
  • Slow draining sink
  • Leaky owner’s cabin window (by bed)
  • Master head smells like rotten eggs
  • Leaky saloon ceiling windows
  • Crew are cleaning the boat and fixing what they can.

Leaks and outlets are priorities.

  • VHF working now
  • Water lines flushed and clean
  • Protecting surfaces.


Here you will see links to photo and videos of the delivery.

Miami photos

BVI Interior photos;

BVI Exterior photos


Here you be able to download any relevant documents.


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