Najad 390

The Delivery Begins

Najad 390

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

19th June 2010; ETA Lisbon Saturday morning. No problems reported

18th June 2019; Refueled in Loctudy S Brittany. 23.20 departure and on course for Finisterre + 2 days

14th June 2019; 0800 Passing Dunkerque. No problems reported

13th June 2019; Captain reports;

The filters have arrived. boat refuelled and ready, but the wind is too strong. 20-30kts against us today. The forecast is better tonight.

10th June 2019; Captain reports;

Currently passing Northern Lighthouse on Texel Island. 2 reefs ad the genoa with 20kts behind us. Lovely morning.

09th June 2019; Departed Cuxhaven.

05th June 2019; Now on Elbe and plan to refuel Cuxhaven

04th June 2019; Transit Kiel Canal complete

03rd June 2019; Arrived Baltic Bay Marina. Plan to transit Kiel canal tomorrow

1st June 2019; Captain reports;

Refuelled in Kalmar this morning. We took on 175 lt so the tank only had 22lt left thought the guage was showing a quarter full. Goran said the tank was full but Jose must burnt a load with the heater.  With your permission I would like to purchase a couple of 30lt fuel containers to make sure Im not caught out again. We’re now punching into a short chop with 20kts on the nose. The forecast is good a little later and I hope to be in The Kiel Canal on Monday. Discovered that the aft hatch is not sealing and have some wet bedding. Have made good a temporary fix.. par for the course!!! Otherwise all’s good.

31st may 2019; Captain reports at 0821

Underway since about 0430. All systems good. The main is fairly old so needs some respect. Motor sailing at 6.5kts with a single reef. 18kts on the nose. Will clear islands in around 3hrs.

31st May 2019; Departed.

28th May 2019; Crew on board





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