Najad 570

Destination; St Lucia
Captain; Kenneth Hoiem

Video report on features of tracking page




22nd October 2017; Arrived Shelter Bay

19th October 2017; Arrived Panama

27th September 2017; Captain reports

We have now been out for for 72 hours sailing and motor sailing in light to moderate conditions. We have done regular checks on the rig and so far the cracks have not spread and the rig looks good and straight. We have continued light to moderate conditions ahead of us and despite sailing with deep reefs our progress is relatively good. Will keep you posted.


24th September 2017; Departed Easter Island

18th September 2017; Arrived Easter Island. Captain reports

Now sitting anchor watch in Hanga Roa. Gonna clear in tomorrow and then work on the rig. New parts have been sent out from the rig agent in Chile but for now it looks like we may have enough parts onboard to attempt a repair.

I will send you a picture of the how we jury rigged the mast to keep it standing while getting here – not strong enough to support sails but I think it helped to support the rig through several days of heavy weather.

I don’t have much to add to my initial report – the through bolts to the lower diamonds sheared off in moderate conditions and I went up the rig and secured the stays and then jury rigged new support.

We plan to be here for the time it takes to fix the rig and do some provisioning and then head for Panama. Will keep you posted.


10th September 2017; Captain reports

Around noon today the lower diamonds gave way. It was blowing around 18 true, coming in 45 degrees off the nose, moderate swell. We got the sails in and then went up the rig to secure the loose rigging. Inspection showed that the through-mast bolts had sheared. The rig now unstable, we went back up and added additional runners to stabilize it. It is still swaying quite a bit and mast would definitely not support any sails. We are now powering towards Easter Island with some 700NM to go.

06th September 2017; Captain reports

liferaft tore loose and deployed. Got it back on board. Rough weather. Early morning. Strap holding it snapped.

27th August 2017; Departed Papeete

24th August 2017; Crew on board




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