Neel 45

Neel 45

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

07th June 2019; Arrived Pula

29th May 2019; Departed Mallorca

29th May 2019; Captain reports;

Good morning. We have booked engine check for Monday morning in Regio de Calabria. Departing Mallorca today around 1400-1500.we should’ve able to sail at least 2 days according to the weather.

28th May 2019; Arrived Mallorca


18th May 2019; Departed San Esteban

17th May 2019; Docked in San Esteban. The weather just got worse. Anchor jumped from roller.

17th may 2019; Captain reports;

The wind is westerly 25 knots about 2 m waves.I’m 5 miles from shore of spain . I’ll go as close to shore as possible . If the wind will not be weaker I’ll stay overnight either in some port or on anchor in some bay. Boat is ok.. everything is working


15th May 2019; Captain reports;


  • couple dents on table , cabinet under the sink and entrance to front cabin
  • dust in all interior and dirty floors in the heads
  • we have 4 x 1 kg co2 fire extinguishers instead 1 x 2 kg



  • Scratch on the starboard side ( picture) Couple dents on the hull Boat hook – broken
  • I still have not open the sails ( too much wind)



15th May 2019; Spinnaker received and Volvo engineer on board

13th May 2019; Crew on board





Here you will see links to photo and videos of the delivery.



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