Open 46

Destination; Tortola
Captain; Dave Block




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04th Mar 2017; arrived Nanny Cay

03rd Mar 2017; Arrived San Juan. Managed to furl main into mast. Ratchet slipping and catching only when tension completely off. Plan to rest, fuel and enter BVI at JVD early tomorrow. Captain now in cell phone range.

01st Mar 2017; Captain reports

The ratchet on the mainsail furler on the mast stripped. Sailing fine in 20 knots double reefed and the main unfurled. Cannot furl. Just makes ratchet sounds. Lock on unit secure and lines tight. Feathering with traveller sheets.

The head of the furling drum  stays locked in place. Whatever have happened internal. Load at the time very light. I was contemplating taking a reef OUT.

Plan is to feather the main until behind El Morro in SJ harbor where it will be completely calm. Then either get it rolled in mast, or remove it. Fill fuel and motor to Tortola

01st Mar 2017; Captain reports

ETA San Juan Friday. We have averaged 5.5 knots the last 48 hours double reefed into wind and seas with motor assist. Wind E 5/6. Visual inspection of the tanks show enough fuel, gauges 1/8 & 1/16. 250nm from SJ.

27th Feb 2017; Captain reports

ETA is Friday or Saturday.  580nm out

24th Feb 2017; Replacement ECU arrived. Boat departed

24th Feb 2017; Captain reports exceptions

Bent flybridge push pit
Broken Windex
Stain on chair
4 dents in the starboard hull cabin some.
Also it has been noted there is a leak in the steering fluid and previous steering issues.

23rd Feb 2017; No power to the Stbd engine. Crew going through all connections and checking.

By switching port and stbd, the ECU was found to be faulty. Replacement ordered and will arrive tomorrow.

22rd Feb 2017; Captain reports

Finished all our tasks, provisioned and got some fuel in the starboard tank. then found the engine batteries are shot. Plumbed the cooker for propane, the oven works but not the stove. Going out after traffic to get two starting batteries and a camp stove. All approved. Customs cleared. Hope to shove off by noon tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Will have pics before departing. We have the cushion covering but no time yet to put them on. Will send pics in the morning when done and have light. Retail on the 2 batteries is $292 each, I got them for $192 each.

22nd Feb 2017; Captain reports

The panels on the salon and hulls will be removed.  We are having steering anomalies where the helm does not respond that I have discussed with Giles. There is also a leak in the steering hydrolic fluid and they have left me 3-extra quarts. Heading out to get all done shortly.

21st Feb 2017; Crew on board Miami. Captain reports;

Starboard tank is dry so I have to get a couple jerry cans just to get to the fuel dock. I have to re-plumb the butane to propane, go up the mast and deal with the rig and Windex. All approved. Still just starting the survey. Nothing I have not done before but will be busy.







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