P465 Encore

Destination; Ft Lauderdale
Captain; Dave Block

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09th June 2018. Arrived Ft Lauderdale

07th June 2018; Captain reports;

Good catabatic winds back side of Cuba. 7+kts. ETA Saturday late

06th June 2018; Continuing towards Florida. Client advised.

Captain reports at sundown;

Genset ran 4 hours and then power going critical and autoplilot freezing 1 hour and 20 minutes after shutting it off . At that time port engine battery was 14.0v and Starboard. Now after running the genset another 3 hours and being off now for 1’hour:

House 12.5v, Port.    12.5v, Stbd    12.5v

06th June 2018; Captain reports;

Stbd alternator putting out 0 volts, will leave on idle. Port battery reads 14v. No house charge. The boat has never been offshore more than a few hours. Genset charging house batts. All non essential power is off.

Boat wont hold power. Autopilot froze and wont disengage. I am going to unbolt and return to Grand Cayman

Client advised

05th June 2018; Departed

04th June 2018; Captain reports

Propane tech is coming this afternoon. We will provision and clear Customs when operative.

03rd June 2018 Captain reports

Green lines supporting the tender on the davit. The axel blocks are shot. Cushions placed where lines criss cross the tender to arrest chafing and to secured for offshore. Running rigging serviceable and standing rigging good. Inspected aloft as well. The engines and genset were run once a week so the fuel has been circulated. Still, she has never been offshore in 18 years so who knows what lurks inside the fuel tanks. Bottoms were painted during haul out in February. Water too brackish to inspect in this canal. Little wind and wave predicted for the passage which is comforting given the sails as well. We have a propane tank which when opened provided zero pressure so there is obviously blockage. Would love to provision, fuel, clear out and leave but until we know if we can cook cannot do anything until tomorrow when businesses open. Simple lunch and one round of drinks was $121US so just hanging out on the boat.

03rd June 2018; Captain reports;

Good morning Nick. We stayed onboard, they got the a/c working at 21:00. Great company. Chewed up by mosquitos worked diligently. Intake and basket clogged with barnacles and debris, and aforementioned electronic problems. No propane tank and never was. Cooker never used. We are getting a tank and having the system pressure checked out for safety Monday as the lines may be rotted/clogged. Sails are original 18 years old. Auxiliary fuel tanks installed when new never filled or used. Don’t dare use them, who know what is inside them or the lines. Boat itself is in beautiful shape, it was only daysailed for 18 years, never slept on. Has not moved since January so is the diesel clean? I will get you updated at the end of the day BTW, this is an uber expensive island similar to Bermuda.

The tender davit blocks are UV rotted out. Some rollers missing, just the axel remains. Used them to hoist into placep then lashed directly to the davit. Installed new anemometer at masthead. Does not read. Display went from —- to 0.0. Good breeze. I will enquire about biocide in the fuel and when the bottom was done.

02nd June 2018; Crew on board; Captain reports;

The boat was uninhabitable. 93° and mosquitos. I got a reputable HVAC guy to come out on a Saturday night and service the 3 compressors. 2 now work. The solenoids and capacitors are near toast, 18yo. I have the receipt for US $370. It would have been $500 or more for 2-rooms for 2 nights to go to a hotel til Monday and the units would still not have been operative. Talk Monday,




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