Partner Services

Do we have a mutual target market, but don’t compete?

If so, there could be a number of ways in which we could partner to be mutually beneficial to each other and help both our sites to grow. We are open to ideas.

Here are examples below of ways in which we could partner.

Banner Exchange

Banner exchange is one of the most popular free promotion tools today. You can drive relevant traffic to your site for free.  Backlinks were important as a primary means of web navigation. But today, their significance lies in Search Engine Optimization. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity of your website or page. Google use this to determine the PageRank of a webpage.

Your logo/image can be easily inserted into our side bar with links back to your website or email.

Content Share

Newsletters and blogs are an essential part of connecting with clients. Providing humorous and insightful articles is important but also is maximising their reach. If your business creates great, unique content too, we could perhaps benefit from co-publishing articles together for a wider reach and promoting each other’s sites.

Meet our clients

We are proud to be the service providers to the following.


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