How to Receive Details of Sailing Opportunities

Here are 5 ways that you can receive details of sailing opportunities for yacht deliveries;

  1. Twitter. Vacancies that are posted on are website will be automatically sent out from our twitter account @relianceyachts . Make sure you choose to follow us.
  2. Facebook. You will need to visit or FB page and Like Us. Details of upcoming trips will be posted here with contact details of how to contact the Captains.
  3. Google + gives you another medium to discover opportunities in yacht delivery. If you join our Yacht Deliver Crew Circle, you will receive automatic updates by email.
  4. Email. Send us an email asking to be put on our mailing list and we will send you details every time we have a new opportunity. Info(at)
  5. Website. All the latest news about our yacht deliveries including vacancies are on our blog at


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