Salina 48

Salina 48

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.



Arrived Mallorca 13th April


Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

13th April 2019; Arrived Mallorca

09th April 2019; captain reports;

Last update:

  • Bathroom hatch aft portside and safety hatch(starboard) not completely waterproof.
  • Engine rooms and both peaks absolutely not waterproof. (Mattresses wet)
  • Vibration and noise on starboard seems to be the rudder and it’s “rotule”.
  • Big vibration on portside seems to be the bottom of the engine between the gear box and the Z drive .(We’re trying not to use it).
  • Stanchions and lifelines have a lot of slack. We’ve tried to tighten them but they’re too baggy.
  • Now 3 from 4 rings of the stove working.
  • Checked oil levels. OK.

We’ll send you photos and videos as soon as we have network.

04th April 2019; Departed Canaries

01st April 2019; Captain reports;

Eta tuesday late in the evening in port Radazul

29th March 2019; Captain reports

Last technique  update: The steaming light doesn’t work any more

27th March 2019; Captain reports;

  • Autopilot doesn’t work any more. Since yesterday it stopped 35 times. The first time after 2hours. After,every hour and finally every minute. Weather conditions were good,10 knts and calm sea. Now we’re doing 1h30 steering/watching each.
  • Haven’t still tried the sails. We’re trying to find a solution for the auto pilot. Now we’re going to try.
  • Fuel gauge not reliable.
  • Just 1 from 4 fires in the gas stove working.

Must find a solution in Tenerife. Any ideas?

It’s going to be a long way…

Phil and Cira

26th March 2019; Deperted Mindelo. Next port, Tenerife +8 days

26th March 2019; Captain reports;

yesterday they’ve tinkered a system to stop the port engine(that doesn’t  stops normally). It’s a local system, see pictures. They’ve repaired the mooring light that they ‘ve just finished. They’re finishing a little joint in sylicone.  We go to the fuel station. We’ll leave before 12am (local hour)

25th March 2019; Captain reports;

Finished cleaning and sent photos. We’ve checked the main halyard. See video. I thinks its ok but maybe line is too small diameter. We’ll see. Also checked genoa and secured dinghy.

24th March 2019; Captain reports

Nick, we’ve seen Rudy. He thought that we were arriving tomorrow so the boat is not cleaned outside yet. That will be done tomorrow.  The inside is cleaned. We send you just an example, in general, of the inside. We’ve just finished the hole inventory that Rudy has given us.

Tomorrow we will buy food, laundry and check sails, engines etc. We will leave on Tuesday morning, after check out and fuel.

24th March 2019; Crew on board



Here you will see links to photo and videos of the delivery.

Salina 48 Main Halyard from Nick Irving on Vimeo.

Salina 48 Main Halyard from Nick Irving on Vimeo.



Here you be able to download any relevant documents.

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