Shipping Rates

Yacht Shipping Rates

We can report this week that yacht shipping rates are finally stabilising after running for weeks at unprecedented and very high levels. The limited ability to move yachts on their own bottoms during the COVID19 crisis had limited client’s options with resulting shipping rates remaining high. We have seen examples of rates fluctuating and in some cases rising by more than 30% overnight.

Now more and more capacity is coming to the market, and we are seeing rates slow down and, in some cases, even reverse.

At Reliance Yacht Management we are monitoring shipping rates across the market. This allows us to make the best decisions on carriers and routes on behalf of our customers.

Nick Irving Reliance Yacht Management Founder says ‘seeing rates of Europe to Caribbean routes coming down will help all our fleet customers get back on track quicker and with many factories returning to production this week it all starts to point at normalising.’

With travel restrictions easing for professional yachtsmen, crewed deliveries are also normalising giving clients wider choices of options and budgets.

Our Reliance Yacht Management customers need to be decisive when we price Freight or Crewed rate as prices for shipping rates move really quickly and don’t hold.

No one really knows what the new normal is going to be. Reliance Yacht Management will continue as ever to strive for the best in yacht shipping and crewed deliveries.

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