Spronk 50 Blue Moon

Destination; Marsh Harbour
Captain; Francois Gourbin





29th march 2018; Position report at 10.32 UTC

21.12.47 69.49.00. Course 320. Speed 6. To go 500nm. ETA 1st April

No problems reported

28th March 2018; Messaged received 19.10 UTC

course 310 speed 6 dist to go 600 eta  4 days Position 19 55 55   68 23 21

28th March 2018; Message received

course 290 speed 8 dist to go 630 eta  4/5 days cos no wind 19 37 37   67 50 00

28th March 2018; Message received;

blue moon 19 12 16  66 29 53 course 312 speed 6/7

27th March 2018; Captain reports

leaving tortola no wind course 320 speed 7 kts changed water pressure pump in tortnla

26th march 2018; Captain reports

stop and go in bvi need more diesel

25th March 2018; Departed

24th March 2018; Captain reports

Impossible to get doug for watermaker so another guy is coming at 3 pm so departure tomorrow morning

24th March 2018; Captain reports

Gui the guy from the electronic passed to calibrate the autopilot and gave me the papers and the insurance of the boat. Doug is coming today to set the watermaker. Jon the previous owner of the boat is coming this morning to show me the boat. Then I ll do the diesel and will be able to go.

20th March 2018; Captain reports

We launched the boat this morning.boat docked in port de plaisance right now. Boat in very good condition

19th March; Crew at boat



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