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Yacht Delivery

Here is a video of how we prepare a yacht for delivery. In this example we show the care and attention given to a new catamaran before its departure from the UK to cross the Atlantic.


Reliance Yacht Management provides essential delivery solutions to the Leisure marine industry moving many new yachts into charter fleets Worldwide. As part of the supply chain the need was born for an integrated boat supply. It makes perfect economic sense to our clients that when organising the delivery of a yacht, to have all the necessary commissioning, charter and safety equipment ordered and delivered at the same time, and at a price that suits our client’s budgets!

Reliance can have access to over 75,000 marine products, including over 25,000 products available from the US, 8,000 from France, 5,000 from Greece, and 14,000 from Italy. We now supply over 2,500 fishing and diving gear products as well.



We recognise that it is an exciting time to take delivery of your new yacht, but we also know that it can be a little daunting as well.  Our years of experience and knowledge gained from commissioning and delivering yacht from many of the leading manufacturers worldwide, can now help you make the experience more enjoyable.

We can take the time that you need to help understand the many increasing complex systems on board today’s modern yachts.



Charter Income

You may wish to see your yacht generate its own income. Many privately owned yachts are chartered out, either to individuals or corporations. Income generated by chartering can help to defray operating costs and can be geared to provide an operating profit for the owner.

We are well placed to advise you on all aspects of this type of business opportunity.

  • Advice on best areas of operation
  • Co-ordinate an effective marketing plan
  • Oversee the design, production and distribution of promotional literature
  • Organize PR and advertising
  • Create regular Maintenance Schedules



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