Transfer to Ship

IMG_11485270f43d1422c.JPGIf you are planning to transport your yacht by ship careful preparation and planning is essential.




Reliance Yacht Management offers each customer a reliable, hassle-free preparation and transfer service to ship’s side. Loading a yacht for delivery requires a great deal of care and experience, and the correct preparation can help make the experience that much better.  We understand what is needed.

How Reliance Helps Prepare Your Boat for Transport

  • It’s important to make sure everything is secure. Regardless of whether the delivery is short or long  Secure anything that not bolted or tied down. Anything loose could cause damage during the voyage. Hatches need to be secured with tape to avoid leaks and possible water damage. Lock all cabin windows. Also secure cabinet doors shut, secure cabin doors and lock all exterior doors.
  • It is important to know that the shipping company provides suitable insurance to protect your yacht if anything goes wrong. Our Captains have professional liability cover.
  • We liaise with the shipping company to make sure that they have the correct dimensions. They will have allocated space so it is important that they have the information well in advance.
  • We take note of any damages, scratches and take pictures to document any that already exist. Also, if we are required to remove any parts e.g. radar arch, bowsprit etc. again we take pictures of their location and stowage.
  • Remove sails or protect with covers.
  • Stow all personal items from the cabin and store any breakables in a safe place. Your yacht may be traveling on another boat, but it’s still going to experience the force of the ocean. It is important that there are no prohibited items on board, especially if you’re going to be passing through customs.
  • Liaise with the Loadmaster to bring your yacht alongside and put into slings.
  • Deliver your yacht as light as possible. Empty all tanks as much as possible, and ensuring there is sufficient to get to and from the transport ship.
  • Remove anchors from the deck, remove drain plugs from the hull and make sure there is no water in the bilge. You may request us to flush your tanks with a chlorine bleach solution.
  • Power down everything, You don’t want dead batteries when your vessel is offloaded at your destination.
  • Yacht documentation and keys are given to the load master or his agent.
  • Photographs taken of lashings

There are several important steps we take to take to ensure smooth transfer to ship for your vessel.

Download our Checklist

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