Sunfast 37Hej!

We just wanted to inform that our boat has arrived in Hunnebostrand and that we are very pleased with the captain Mark and the crew Vladimir and Thomas.

They have done a very good job not only in delivering it on time,  but they have tidied up the boat that it look cleaner than it was when we inspected it in Portsmouth.

They have been very professional and polite. The hand over was very good. We got a detailed review that the boat was in good condition and they had made a list with things, which could be improved.

Apart from the oil leak from the motors oil sump there is nothing immediately to be done.  However,  will give her a good spring manicure inside and outside.

We let Mark and the crew stay at our house in Göteborg, as it was closer to the Airport for Sunday.

You have very fine people working for your company and we will recommend your service to all we know!


Gunnar & Karin

(“Melusine”,  Sun Fast 37  Portsmouth to Hunnebostrand, Sweden)

P.S. We will send you a picture of our boat soon and you can use us as a reference.

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