Balance 526

Destination; Malta
Captain; Kenneth Hoiem




22nd October 2018; Position updated 06:19UTC


15th October 2018; 77 days on board to date. Departing Gibraltar;

Captain reports;

Hi Nick,, We will be heading out today. Next stop La Valletta, Malta. ETA Sun/Mon 21/22 October. Cheers, Kenneth

11th October 2018; Position updated 06:19UTC. ETA Gibraltar 11th October

04th October 2018; Captain reports

We departed Ponta Delgado this morning. Noon Position Thursday 4 October: 37’40”N 25’25”W.

02nd October 2018; Arrived Ponta Delgarda

16th September 2018; Captain reports;

We crossed the equator last night at around 15W. Over the last 7 days or so we have had very light air, 8-12 knots out of the SE. We have flown the chute day and night, just dropping it now and then to check on the halyard. Our progress has been modest but steady.

The boat sails as well in light air as it does when the wind comes up. She has an extraordinary ability to carry on and not get stalled out, even when the lightest air is combined with a bit of choppy swell. We stopped for a swim yesterday and got a good look at her fine lines below the water.

Now heading towards the Cape Verdes.

All good on Kia Pai,Kenneth & Crew

10th September 2018; Captain reports

Everything is good on board, we are now some 450 NM north of St Helena 08’29”S 05’25”W. The plan is to pick up Peter in the Azores, ETA 1 October.

07th August 2018; Captain reports from 13’33”S 00’46W;

Hi All,
Kia Pai now in the Western Hemisphere, a few hundred miles ENE of St Helena. For the last couple of days we’ve had a fresh 30+ kts out of the South with a good following swell. We’ve been running under the working jib and making good progress. The boat hooking onto the building swell and dropping down the waves like Laird Hamilton or a young Jonathan Paarman😁, the rudders keeping us right on track with minimal input from the helmsman or autopilot, this boat really likes to go! Freezer still full of food so haven’t put the fishing lines out yet, but in the next couple of days we should hopefully be hauling in the big one.
All good on Kia Pai,
Kenneth and Crew

30th August 2018; Captain reports;

We are slicing through a landscape of phosphor. It’s nighttime but the wake coming off our sterns are lighting up the sky,  magic light, seldom seen anything like it. Been running working jib in a 25 knot south breeze and good pushing swell and later the Code Zero as wind eased off. The boat slippery and effortlessly fast. Now very light air, will probably set the chute in the morning. All systems working great. All good on Kia Pai,

27th August 2018; Captain reports;

Just finished clearing out. Will leave tomorrow sometime in the early afternoon when wind is expected to shift. Crew on board, all good.

24th August 2018; Captain reports;

Last service guys coming on today (Raymarine). We will clear out Monday and Leave Tuesday.

21st August 2018; Arrived Cape Town. Captain reports

Got into Cape Town this morning, all good. Boat now being serviced by the various agents, they should be done by end of week so plan to depart Monday/Tuesday.

20th August 2018; Captain reports;

Should arrive Cape Town sometime tomorrow, Tuesday. Then boat will be serviced  by all the systems guys -Yanmar, Sparcraft, Raymarine etc. Then provision, fuel and clear out. Hope to get away sometime end of week. Will keep you posted

17th August 2018; Captain reports;

Planning to depart for Cape Town tomorrow morning, Saturday. My Crew will be Jonathan Parmaan, Trevor Goodchild and Ian Corr.

15th August 2018; Captain reports;

Just got back from sea trial and the issues with the morse controls have now finally been sorted. The factory still have a couple of small things to fix but should be done within the next day or two. Weather window looks to be coming up on Sunday so hope to depart then. Jonathan Paarman and the Systems Manager plus maybe one more guy form the yard will join the boat for the trip down to Cape Town.

13th August 2018; Captain reports;

Factory still a couple of things to finish on boat, may go for another sea trial today. Weather window coming up maybe by end of week. Will keep you posted.

31st July 2018; Crew on board. Captain reports

Moved onto boat. Owner is here but staying ashore. Factory still got some finishing to do and paperwork not completed yet. Will probably not get off to Cape Town until sometime next week. Boat is beautiful. Will keep you posted.




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