Charter Company required to increase potential fleet revenue.

Charter Company required to maximize available charter weeks and increase potential fleet revenue.

Reliance Yacht Management understood the requirements and developed a solution to extend the charter season for each yacht and undertook the necessary logistics. As selected yachts from the Mediterranean fleet completed their final charter, Reliance personnel completed inspections, inventory checks and protected them for delivery. Qualified captains and crew safely transferred each yacht to a designated base in the Caribbean in time for the height of the winter season there.  The time at sea was used productively to work on the yachts and make them available for charter ASAP after arrival.  Tracking units installed on the fleet of 37 monohulls and catamarans allowed the client and Reliance to monitor the progress of every yacht and manage the fleet more efficiently.

The benefits to the client were;

  • Every yacht extended it charter weeks dramatically and provided substantial increases in revenue per boat.
  • Delivery rates were kept low and highly competitive with shipping charges.
  • Boats were moved as soon as they were ready, directly from charter base to charter base. They were not limited to shipping times and destinations.
  • The satellite tracking allowed the client to monitor progress of each yacht without communication costs and maximize charter weeks.
  • Delivery checks and condition reports helped to make yachts available for charter immediately after arrival.


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