Kind Words from a Valued Client

We are very proud to have so many valued clients that have been loyal to us for many years. Their continued business is not taken for granted and always appreciated.  These kind words give us a great deal of satisfaction.

It is very important to have reliable, professional and expert captains on the boat because delivery process of new boats, catamarans and motor boats, brings a lot of challenges during handovers and also during navigation. Only experienced and professional captains are able to handle that challenges completely independently. With Reliance, we are completely confident that each job will be completed as agreed. Timely, safe and reliable vessel delivery is of the highest significance in maintaining our image as the trustworthy partner before our clients and on the market in general.


This extract is part of an interview. The full transcript will be coming soon.

Nautica Centar Nava is based in Split, Croatia and is one of the world’s leading Lagoon Dealerships.


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