L42#159 Bang Bang Lulu

Destination; Tortola
Captain; Andy Mallion

Video report on features of tracking page




11th October 2017; Arrived Hodges Creek

08th October 2017; Departed Guadeloupe

05th October 2017; Arrived Guadeloupe

02nd October 2017; Captain reports

Electronic primary filter on port engine faulty so down to 1 engine

18th September 2017; Departed Cape Verdes

10th September 2017; Arrived Mindelo

05th September 2017; Captain reports loss of 1/2 litre oil from autopilot drive shaft. ETA Cape Verde 10th Sept.

04th September 2017; Departed Tenerife

28th August 2017; Arrived Tenerife, Canaries. Wind indicator fixed. No other problems reported

24th August 2017; Fuelling up and getting underway. ETA Las Palmas 28th August

23rd August 2017; Arrived Cascais. Engine service booked in this morning. Wind indicator will not be addressed here. B & G Technician on vacation.

21st August 2017; Refueled La Coruna. Captain reports wind indicator not working. This will be addressed in Cascais. ETA Wednesday 23rd August

19th August 2017; Departed Les Sables. ETA Cascais 23rd August.

Forecast for Biscay

Wind; Variable 3 or 4.
Sea state; Moderate.
Weather; Mainly fair.
Visibility; Good.

18th August 2017; 2m swells from the SW outside port. Expected to reduce late today

16th August 2017; Presently blowing SW F6-7 with sea state rough. Same tomorrow. Expected to depart Friday midday in convoy with hull#158

14th August 2017; Low expected Biscay Wednesday

11th August 2017; on board



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